Thanks to SP-10 Module it is possible to create raised floors ranging from 3/8” (10mm) up to 13/16” (30mm) high. It is possible to adjust the system easily.

SP-10 Module is augmented within itself at rates ranging from 3/8” (10mm) to 9/16” (15mm) high. If required, an additional 13/64“ (5mm) high is obtained by inserting SP-5 plate under SP-10 Module. SP-5 Plate can be mounted on top of each other to increase the elevation.

By using SP-10 Module and SP-5 Plate, can be made raised floor application at rates ranging from 3/8” (10mm) upto 13/16” (30mm) high. If Elevations higher than 13/16” (30mm), will require the BS60 Series.

They are highly resistant to breakage thanks to their special design and depending on production values.

Basic Series Basic series can be used to create raised floors at varying heights from
1¼" (32mm) up to 10" (250mm) on flat or sloped surfaces.

Eco Series

Maxi Series Maxi Series designed to create elevated floors at varying heights from
3" (75mm) up to 21 ¼" (540mm) on flat or uneven surfaces.



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