Job Title: Operations Director

Job Location: Sterling, VA

Job Duties: Direct and coordinate the company’s daily business operations and activities; review financial statements and activity reports to measure productivity and to identify areas needing cost reduction; direct administrative activities directly related to manufacturing porcelain and ceramic tiles; monitor suppliers to ensure that needed goods are provided in a timely manner and within budgetary limits; perform personnel functions such as selection and training; direct financial and budget activities to fund operations and increase efficiency; develop and implement product-marketing strategies including advertising campaigns and sales promotions; determine prices and credit terms for the company’s porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Requirements: Position requires Bachelor’s Degree, or foreign equivalent, in Business Administration. Position also requires at least 6 months of experience in the job offered or in the alternate occupation of Marketing Director. The required experience must have been gained in a company doing business in the tile manufacturing industry.

Contact: Mail resume to Decovita-USA, Inc., Attn: HR, 22675 Dulles Summit Court, Suite 125, Sterling, VA 20166.


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