Paving Spacer

Paving Spacer

Paving spacer ensures a fast ground application on sand, gravel or grass-surfaced parks, gardens and squares.

It facilitates fast and effective application of special ceramics and natural stones on these areas. Thanks to its sensitive joint channel and excellent stability by forming a 1/8” (3 mm) joint gap it provides an opportunity for fast drainage of water gathered on the ground.

It can be cut so easily and used in 4 different angles by using shearing line on it.

Paving Spacer can be converted to lateral modules by being cut from marked points according to necessity of tiling.

Basic Series Basic series can be used to create raised floors at varying heights from
1¼" (32mm) up to 10" (250mm) on flat or sloped surfaces.

Eco Series

Maxi Series Maxi Series designed to create elevated floors at varying heights from
3" (75mm) up to 21 ¼" (540mm) on flat or uneven surfaces.



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